Life on the land

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Three generations, one pristine East Gippsland location.

Our mission is to produce healthy and relaxed sheep by providing the animals with perfect grazing conditions and lots of TLC.
A continuous supply of reticulated water, protein and energy from quality pasture, regular paddock rotation and low stress stock management ensure that you receive the highest quality prime lamb when you buy Forge Creek Lamb.

We operate as a third generation family business and enjoy providing our lamb connoisseurs with a true paddock to plate experience. Part of the property fronts onto the Gippsland Lakes and we see ourselves as very privileged to be farming in such a picturesque and unique location.

Happy growing conditions, prime quality meat.

Lambs for the meat trade are purpose reared on our farm to a target weight and condition score. The breeding flocks consist of merino and cross bred ewes, to raise what is known in the industry as 1st and 2nd cross lambs – a lean and great tasting quality meat.

Conscious conservation of the land.

Approximately 15% of the property is stock excluded. This land management practice enhances remnant, regenerates indigenous vegetation, and minimises nutrient and sediment runoff from the grazing operation.

Connect with the Stringer family, enjoy the paddock to plate experience.

When you visit the Bairnsdale or Metung Farmers’ Markets you can meet Neil and Angela in person and enjoy farming and lamb connoisseur conversations. Their sons, Angus and Darcy, may be there too. However Oscar, their Kelpie, will be busy back at the farm ready to keep the flock in order. We encourage you to ask Neil about the day-to-day running of the farm or Angela about the different cuts of meat and her latest pie recipe. They would love you to share your latest food experience with them, because farming and slow food conversations are what they do best. Relaxing moments like this are what make buying from Forge Creek Lamb a true paddock to plate experience.